l have noticed a lot of contemporary prints and wall art on Instagram lately. It’s a great way to literally surround yourself with positivity. So when Inkspiration Kraft sent me a selection of their faith based prints , i had to make my own gallery wall. Inspiration Kraft is an Etsy shop which create personalised gifts including shadow boxes , nursery prints and wall art.

I’ll be honest with you this project took me a couple of hours to complete … half a day to be precise. But that was only because I was feeding, changing and playing with Little Nut in between!

Ok so let’s get started ! Once you’ve decided on the right wall (I chose the wall on the down stairs landing  )

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Interview:Fashion And Beauty Blogger

Meet fashion and beauty blogger Pinky Sultana. She shares makeup, hijab and even cooking tutorials. New to the vlogging world, Pinky has over 3000 subscribers with her most popular video receiving over 11,000 views. I recently discovered Pinky’s vlogs through her Instagram page and even picked up a new hijab style! I couldn’t wait to ask Pinky a few questions about her work. Continue reading

Seeking Mothers Who Can Relate

I broke down in tears this morning and turned to my brother and friend.

I said –

 “I don’t fit in with the other mums anymore, I can’t relate to them'”.

They both told me –

” Connect with new mums , mums that can relate to you ‘

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Eid Gifts In A Jar

It’s not too late to create some DIY Eid gifts (handmade with some real love) presented in cute little jars. Follow the step by step image below and you’ll have your gifts ready in no time! Continue reading

Eid Gift Guide: For Children

With just a couple of weeks left till Eid it’s time to start shopping for the Mini Muslims in your life. As much as I enjoy picking out toys and little outfits , it is hard trying to figure out exactly what a baby or toddler will actually love . So i’ll let you in on a little secret, whenever I buy gifts for preschoolers I always bear in mind the parents .

You see I believe the best gifts for preschoolers are the ones that parents will also appreciate .  So i’ve put together a selection of unique and thoughtful Eid gifts for the Mini Muslims in your life. These are gifts that not every baby has and gifts they will love, and their mummy and daddies will treasure too…

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Let’s Make Potato Croquettes

Hello There Lovelies!

So its officially week two of Ramadan and fasting is in full swing ! Ironically my mind has turned to food resulting in this blog post. I recently uploaded an Instagram story of how to make potato croquettes (Aloo Chop) which was quiet popular. So for those who missed it firstly my Instagram page is here   do get following and secondly this one is for you so …

Let’s get started!


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