Najma Chicken Chunks Pasta Recipe For Toddlers

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Eid Gift Guide: For Children

With just a couple of weeks left till Eid it’s time to start shopping for the Mini Muslims in your life. As much as I enjoy picking out toys and little outfits , it is hard trying to figure out exactly what a baby or toddler will actually love . So i’ll let you in on a little secret, whenever I buy gifts for preschoolers I always bear in mind the parents .

You see I believe the best gifts for preschoolers are the ones that parents will also appreciate .  So i’ve put together a selection of unique and thoughtful Eid gifts for the Mini Muslims in your life. These are gifts that not every baby has and gifts they will love, and their mummy and daddies will treasure too…

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2 Year Olds- 2 Steps To Islam

Hello lovelies !

My Little Nut is now two years old and learning new things every day. I feel this is the perfect time to introduce him to Islam.

By re-evaluating things I do in our everyday routine , I have become more mindful about actively teaching Islam to my two year old. By adopting simple changes here are two steps I have taken to teach Islam to my 2 year old:

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