Autism-One Year Later

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Educational Shows For Children On The Spectrum

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Seeking Mothers Who Can Relate

I broke down in tears this morning and turned to my brother and friend.

I said –

 “I don’t fit in with the other mums anymore, I can’t relate to them'”.

They both told me –

” Connect with new mums , mums that can relate to you ‘

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Am I a Mrs or a Ms ?


Next month will be my 7 year wedding anniversary insha’Allah (God willing). And 7 years later I’m still confused about which title to use . . .

Am I a Mrs ? or a Ms?

I’m married ,so technically that makes me a MRS right? … Well that’s what I thought. You see I chose to keep my maiden name and that’s when the confusion began. Surely keeping my surname should make life easier! For one, I don’t have to deal with the hassle of having to change my driving license , bank details, passport blah blah blah…

The home office incident :

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Life After Birth

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My stretchmarks have become a badge of honor”

Honestly speaking it took me a good year and a half but I finally got off the roller coaster of emotions. I’m now walking on a straight path, taking baby steps forward .

I was at my lowest ever during pregnancy, but never have I felt so close to Allah. It was such a spiritual journey for me. Continue reading