Life After Birth Project Submission| Sophia Evans

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               Sophia Evans

   Tidy Cleaners London

“I somehow managed to keep my business running and raise a beautiful boy all by myself.”

You know how all mothers say ‘Becoming a mother changed me for the better’, etc., right? I used to laugh at such people – all the clichés were a little too much for my taste. But then I had a baby myself and I started using the expressions I used to laugh at. Becoming a mother does change you for the better. Not only that, it changes the people around you, it changes the way you see the world, and, most of all, it makes you a stronger person.

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Life After Birth Project Submission| Mayda Arshad

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 Mayda Arshad

Blog-Sincerely Mayda


“It doesn’t have to take someone’s departure from this world to realise the importance of life and loved ones. This can happen with the arrival of someone too”.

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Life After Birth Project Submission| Umm Yusra

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Umm Yusra

        Blog –Tiny Twinkle

“She is the very reason why I started my business in making baby products and she will be the reason I do so much more in the future insha’Allah.”

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Life After Birth Project Submission| Samsam

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       Samsam Said

         Blog – Simply A Mama 

“Even if I don’t look picture perfect I’m the closest thing to perfect in my son’s eyes.”

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Life After Birth

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My stretchmarks have become a badge of honor”

Honestly speaking it took me a good year and a half but I finally got off the roller coaster of emotions. I’m now walking on a straight path, taking baby steps forward .

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