Educational Shows For Children On The Spectrum

A few people have asked me for recommendations on what kinds of shows are good for children on the autism spectrum. Of course I’m no expert , but below are shows that I feel have helped my Little Nut develop his speech and social skills.

Yakka Dee


Yakka Dee encourages children to talk by using visuals and rhymes. It is repetitive but the episodes only last around 5 minutes. Each episode focuses on just one word, it’s great because it gives Little Nut time to process and understand the meaning of each word and eventually attempt to say it.

Something Special 

Justin and Mr Tumble help children to develop language skills using Makaton. Communication is more than just words.

We love you Mr Tumble!

Also Mr Tumble’s song time and rhymes videos have really helped with movement skills (Little Nut waived for the first time and copies Mr tumble when he straightens his bow tie).

Learn Colours

This video taught my Little Nut to say and recognise his colours; using finger family nursery rhyme and painting ! I even use this idea for his crafting time!

Abc Kid Tv 

I get almost an hour to do the house work, thanks to this video! As well as the alphabet it teaches phonics , animal names, has narration throughout the letter stories . The fact that it includes photos of real children who make different facial expressions is great for teaching emotions.

Get Well Soon

Children on the spectrum are always visiting doctors, paediatricians and other medical professionals .This show is an entertaining and informative way to show what to expect during visits. It also talks about common illnesses I’d say it is educational for both parent and child .

Little Baby Bum

This YouTube channel has been fantastic for teaching personal care . There’s a song for everything ; getting dressed , bath time , brushing teeth and more.

Do your little ones watch any of these shows?

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