Autism And Mother’s Day

The image below is of my very first and only Mother’s Day card. My husband gave it to me when our Little Nut was around 3 months old. I recall my husband  saying “the next mother’s day card you receive will be when your son asks me to take him mother’s day shopping “.

My son hasn’t called me Mum yet, in fact he hasn’t called me anything . It use to make me sad. I use to think silly things like “maybe he doesn’t even know I’m his mum”.

I was wrong . He does know.

In fact he shows me I’m his mum; every time he looks for me (even without eye contact ), whenever I am able to understand his gestures, I’m reminded I’m his mum every time he comes to me for pressure hugs or won’t leave me alone till I repeat the word ‘tree’.

I pray for my son to have speech and sometimes I think its being answered. You see in the midst of his silence there are moments that I get to feel his words. I cant express how much joy that brings to me. I am thankful to Little Nut for allowing me to enter this journey through motherhood.

Maybe I’m biased here ;but I think his way of showing me that he appreciates me beats any Mother’s Day card!


May Allah bless you my son.
Happy Mothers Day Lovelies!

One thought on “Autism And Mother’s Day

  1. Tasmina islam says:

    Salam Sis forget about mother’s day , a mother’s day card or any other present hardly shows a ounce of love that any child has for the mother specially need ones. Those sudden hugs and kisses mean more then words and cards. I know Sis how it feels may Allah grant us Mums Sabar and find the positive of what we have. May Allah make it easier for our little angles.


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