Sleepy Lotion And The Spectrum

Hello There!

As you know there’s been so much hype about the sleepy body lotion from Lush, so I thought I’d give it a go myself.

Why did I buy Sleepy lotion ?

It is my understanding that sleep problems are very common with those on the spectrum. Generally speaking my Little Nut is a good sleeper ,  when he finally falls asleep it’s usually for about 10-12 hours, so  what sleep issues do we have?

  •  I’ve mentioned previously about my Little Nut waking up with me on days I have work here, no matter how quiet I am he wakes up and doesn’t go back to sleep till I leave the house .
  • The biggest problem is the process of actually getting him into bed and off to sleep in the first place. It takes forever ! He climbs in and out of bed several times, he has like a sudden of rush of energy and becomes restless , spins around in circles, has to tug on my hair and a lot of pressure hugging is required.



Sleepy lotion and our new sleep routine 

Once little nut has changed into his pj’s I rub the sleepy lotion on his neck, chest, arms and the back of his hands. I also apply it to my neck /chest so he can smell it when we hug.

After his bottle of milk, he switches the night lamp on and we read his bedtime story ‘Guess  how much I love you’. (We read this at bedtime only which makes it extra special).

He then switches the lamp off and I recite prayers to him. The lamp switch acts as a cue for him and gives him understanding of what to expect next. At the same it gives him a bit of control too. Little nut does like to sniff the sleepy lotion on my neck when hugging, he eventually falls asleep (the majority of the time that is )

Does sleepy lotion work ?

It’s been over a month since we’ve introduced the sleepy lotion and our new sleep routine. Buying the sleepy lotion meant that I needed help, whatever I was doing was not working and things needed to change.
So what’s changed? … When my Little nut is in bed now , he stays in bed till he falls asleep. Also he hasn’t woken up with me on my work days since we implemented this new routine.

Of course I won’t say it’s all down to the sleepy lotion. In fact I think the most important factor was finding a routine that worked for him , one that gave meaning to the word bedtime. He now associates the fragrance of sleepy lotion , the guess how much I love you story book and certain prayers to bedtime. I guess bedtime is less of a shock to him now. Giving Little Nut the responsibility of the lamp switch has  helped him to make a connection with bedtime and the need to go to bed.

Just incase your curious , the sleepy lotion did not make me fall asleep but I do wake up feeling more refreshed and i even purchased a tub of lotion for my mum.
Now I just need to work on taking myself away from the equation and introducing independent sleeping. If you have any tips do comment below also what do you think of the sleepy lotion?

Please note: The salesperson at Lush advised that this product is not suitable for babies .

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