l have noticed a lot of contemporary prints and wall art on Instagram lately. It’s a great way to literally surround yourself with positivity. So when Inkspiration Kraft sent me a selection of their faith based prints , I had to make my own gallery wall. Inspiration Kraft is an Etsy shop which create personalised gifts including shadow boxes , nursery prints and wall art.

I’ll be honest with you this project took me a couple of hours to complete … half a day to be precise. But that was only because I was feeding, changing and playing with Little Nut in between!

Ok so let’s get started ! Once you’ve decided on the right wall (I chose the wall on the down stairs landing  )

Here’s what you’ll need to bring your dream gallery wall to life …

  • Command Strip
  • Frames
  • Prints
  • Camera


Choosing your prints!

As I mentioned earlier for me it’s all about positivity and creating a positive space around me. So lucky for me Inkspiration Kraft made this step easy for me , their faith based prints act as a daily reminder . Hence why I chose an area at the centre of the house, I pass it every time , so catching even a glimpse of the words ‘Bismillah’ (In the name of Allah ) might just be the push forward that I need when I’m feeling stuck. So I’d say choose prints that best reflect you and choose a variety.

Choosing Your Frames!

Frames are a matter of preference and all down to the look you are going for . I like to be quirky so I chose frames that were different sizes and designs. However if you want a clean look then go ahead and select the same frames for each print .

Choosing Your Layout!

This step took me a while. Lay all your framed pieces in a clear space (child free space) . With the Little Nut running around I ended up moving my frames from the floor to the kitchen table . I would have waited till he fell asleep but by that time it’s my bedtime too haha! I took photos of the different layouts and finally chose my favourite one to act as a reference point.

Hang It Up!

Armed with a load of command strips, I followed their step by step instructions and mounted my frames to wall. First I started with the biggest sized frame to act as a guide .

Ta Dah!

My very own gallery wall a.k.a my wall of positivity

What do you think ?

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review , however I was sent the prints from Inkspiration Kraft for review purposes . All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please click here for full disclosure statement.


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