Toddler Jubbas From

img_8185-1Hello Lovelies!

Eid celebrations are well and truly over , but its okay there’s only a month or so left til Eid al Adha! 

YAY ! 

On Eid we usually buy our little Nutbrown a new outfit , as its sunnah to wear the best clothes you have. I always then keep the outfit aside for special occasions like weddings or parties.
This Eid we received an adorable outfit from the toddler collection at . For those of you who don’t know a jubba is a traditional Arabian garment worn by men . It is ankle length and usually long sleeved .

So here’s what we thought :

Material – We were sent a white sports boy jubba. It is 100% polyester therefore it’s light weight (not see through) the best part is its machine washable at 30 degrees!

Length – The children’s jubba actually start from newborn all the way up to school aged. Zakaria’s Jubba is for age 2.5yrs which is 28 inches in length . It fit him so well that we were even asked if it was tailored!

Product Range – The toddler collection includes a variety of colours and designs all of which have an elegant and contemporary look. I love the details in the design like the zip openings, soft Chinese collars and coloured patches on the shoulders. They also do adult sizes if you like twining !

Price – The toddler collection at comes with a very reasonable price tag starting from £12.99 . I asked my family members and friends to guess the price of Zakaria’s jubba . They all agreed that it looked more expensive than the price tag.

What did you wear on Eid?

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review , however I was sent two jubbas and a prayer cap from toddler collection for review purposes . All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please click here for full disclosure statement.


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