Eid Gifts In A Jar

It’s not too late to create some DIY Eid gifts (handmade with some real love) presented in cute little jars. Follow the step by step image below and you’ll have your gifts ready in no time!

All you need is :

Pretty paper


 Cute Little Jars

 Embellishment (Of Your Choice)

​Of course the most important part of the Eid gift jar is the gift!

Choosing the right gift can be mind boggling , but have no fear BritDeshiMummy is here to prove that there is such thing as a perfect gift .

1. For the one with the sweet tooth – Halal Sweets

2. For the good looking one who smells good too -Miniature Attar Perfume

3. For the one waving their Eidi envelope – Chocolate coins (Add Eid stickers)

4. For your neighbours and friends – Tasbeeh (Prayer beads)

5. For your loved ones -Homemade Eid Biscuits

6. For the one who holds a special place in your heart – Print lots of duas on craft paper and roll it up.

7. For the hijabi– Pin cushion with hijab pins

8. For the Mini Muslims– Lollipops (Add Eid Stickers)

9. For the brothers in the beard gang – Beard oil

10. For the sisters – Halal nail polish

What will you put in your gift jar?


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