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“I thought those days would linger , they would drain me of all my energy and joy”

Pregnancy was difficult man! it was a piece of cake.

A legit excuse to eat to one’s full, sleep to one’s desire and gobble up everything to satiate one’s truck-driver-appetite. All without feeling guilty. I thought, that moment. That labour. That childbirth was agonizing. That was excruciating. That was hell.

But it passed, it was so awful but momentary. It was ephemeral. It was fleeting. It passed so quickly! And at least I had a soothing feeling that I would be united with my child soon.

Once we bought the baby home I thought it was torturous. My body was sore, my stitches hurt, I was sleep-deprived, weak and fatigued and I still had to pump day & night for my baby because she was hungry, tired and cranky.

I thought those days would linger – they would drain me of all my energy and joy and would leave me bland and emotionless and wouldn’t pass. This didn’t happen, they disappeared. vanished. Lost in myriad of memories and plethora of online photo-albums.

Three years later, I look back and realize I am so much organized now, because I want my kids to see cleanliness as normal. I am much more patient now because I want my children to be patient and kind, and I have been struggling so much more to grow spiritually and regain my connection with Allah for the sake of my family.

My children are the reason I resumed blogging again! I want to raise righteous kids and want to look out for other moms who share the aim. And today, when I am actually raising two children, both a year apart, dealing with toddlerhood and baby-hood and tantrums and feeding and sleeping! I sometimes find it all difficult. very. very. difficult. But now I also know it will pass. So I am holding on trying to cherish all the laughs and all the cries! relish these memories and thanking Allah abundantly!

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