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“I had to accept I was not like other mothers who can breastfeed”.


My motherhood chapter began on the 15 Shabaan, of 2012. Exactly 45 minutes after the adhaan (call to prayer) of Maghrib (evening prayer), our son, Zakariyya was born. It was the most surreal thing I have ever felt. He hardly cried, he was just calm and sweet. My beautiful baby boy. Although I had some complications after the birth as I lost alot of blood, alhamdulillah (Praise God)  we were both discharged in good health.

I had difficulty breastfeeding as my milk was not enough. No matter how many supplements I took it just would not be enough. That was the most difficult first 6 weeks with my baby. We then decided to try the bottle and formula milk, which was a blessing because since he drank that he was satisfied. I had to accept I was not like other mothers who can breastfeed.

Life had changed. I really wanted to be at home with him as I use to work a 8-4 Job. I was then given the opportunity to reduce my hours which gave me time to spend with my little one. Being a mother to Zakariyya, alhamdulillah is easy,  in fact it’s effortless. My real challenge came in 2014 when my daughter was born. Although we hadn’t realised what a handful she will be till she started walking. She really challenges me on a whole other level.

But all in all, motherhood is challenging and we are able to over come each and every challenge. Allah is always with us. Seek his company and you will be awarded with piece of mind among the chaos.

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