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“Even if I don’t look picture perfect I’m the closest thing to perfect in my son’s eyes.”

When I first found out I was pregnant I did a lot of research about everything relating to babies. I felt that I was so prepared, little did I know I wasn’t prepared at all.

My labour and delivery didn’t go as I pictured it. Breastfeeding was a struggle as well. This made me so much stronger.

Becoming a mother strengthened my bond with my mom. Everytime I hold my son and feel that overwhelming kind of love ,I remember my own mother.

My relationship with my husband also became stronger and our love grew; even though we don’t have as many date nights but seeing how much we both care for the baby brought us closer.

I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy and my husband was extremely supportive and never pointed out my weight gain.

I judge other mothers less now that I’m a mother myself. I know every mom is trying her best. I always reminded myself that every mum goes through this and I always seek my mum’s advice on anything baby related.

“To the mum whose child is having a complete toddler tantrum in public, to the busy mum who ends up buying store bought baby food, I can’t judge any of them.”

I love how I have changed after I became a mother even if I don’t look picture perfect I’m the closest thing to perfect in my son’s eyes.

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6 thoughts on “Life After Birth Project Submission| Samsam

  1. Farrah Mohamed says:

    Great Article, Samsam. Motherhood is a thankless job, and we mothers do the best we can to raise our children. We need to compliment each other, because we constantly worried that we are messing up and actually filled with self doubt and we are desperate to know if were doing motherhood right and if our kids are going to turn out healthy, happy and functional. Samsam, you show all mothers that it is okay to make mistakes along the way and learn from it. Your positive attitude towards motherhood and being a wife at the same time, will encourage others to speak out also. In my eyes, you are doing a wonderful job, mashallah.

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