2 Year Olds- 2 Steps To Islam

Hello lovelies !

My Little Nut is now two years old and learning new things every day. I feel this is the perfect time to introduce him to Islam.

By re-evaluating things I do in our everyday routine , I have become more mindful about actively teaching Islam to my two year old. By adopting simple changes here are two steps I have taken to teach Islam to my 2 year old:

Step 1

Read Islamic books to your toddler, it makes learning about Islam fun.

I’m sure many of you already read to your little ones . I have always read to my Little Nut , even whilst I was pregnant with him.

You see Little Nut received his first Islamic book from an Islamic online kids store called Mini Muslim playground . It made me realise how effective reading Islamic books to children can be . I definitely need to go shopping for more!

Step 2
Pray with your toddler , they learn by copying.

My Little Nut is more aware of prayer time now. He loves listening to the adhaan (the call to prayer), and will even layout the prayer mat after hearing it.

My husband and I regularly pray with Little Nut . Even though I will begin my prayer with Little Nut beside me and somehow towards the end he’l end up laying across my prayer mat , I am a believer in the saying :

‘Tell me and il forget.

Show me and I may remember .

Involve me and I’ll learn.’

Little Nut has even learnt some of the steps to performing prayer.

I hope this has helped in some way. I would love to hear how you’ve introduced religion to your kids ? and at what age ?

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post, however I was sent the products (seen in the images) for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please click here for full disclosure statement.


24 thoughts on “2 Year Olds- 2 Steps To Islam

  1. Shukrallah says:

    Asalamu Alaikum!

    Such a beautiful post. I teach 2-3 year old’s although sadly I’m not allowed to teach them religion. However, when I have my own children in sha Allah I will implement them using their right hand at this age aswell as pray with us – like you say.
    My neice is already 2 and loves to wear hijab/pray but I know many children can do more by this age!

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  2. mammafilz says:

    Asalaam a laikum,
    It’s a lovely discussion point you’ve brought up here. The two things that you do sound great however, I truly don’t think you’re giving yourself enough credit on how you’ve introduced Islam to your little one. For example, the way you dress and how you act with family and friends, your husband and other men in your family attending jumaa prayers, the festival and gathering of Eid, your little one observing you saying things like ‘ma sha Allah.’ ‘in sha Allah,’ having Arabic calligraphy around your home, observing you reading and hearing the Quran. Children, as you well know don’t always need to be taught formally so there will be lots your little one will know without you possibly even releasing : ).
    Some things I do in addition to what you’ve mentioned is getting little one to attend jumaa prayers with her dad. I’ve also bought her hijabs so she knows to try and read namaz with this on. In the car I have prayers in Arabic playing and also at home we have prayers playing for us all to listen to. When I read the Quran or as little one calls it ‘Allahs book’ I encourage her to read and copy and I also like for her to just have a go (with her own toddler Arabic speak) and smile and encourage her. Before bedtime I find, is a great opportunity not only to read stories but to include Quranic stories.
    I hope this has helped in some way. Thank you for sharing your post. Filza x

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    • BritDeshiMummy says:

      Salam sis! Indeed Islam is a way of life , so my lifestyle itself is an example to my little one , you are right! Thank you for your excellent suggestions ! Oh and your lil one calling the Quran “Allah’s book” Masha’Allah so adorable!!! X


  3. Fozia S says:

    Alhamdulillah there are so many resources out there now to help teach young children about Islam, from dolls to games and books.

    You can simply recite daily duas and its amazing how quick they pick it up just from hearing them

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  4. sarcasticmuslimmama says:

    I’ve bought a number of books that my daughter loves and, I agree, it’s a lovely way of introducing religion to toddlers in way that’s appropriate for them. When I was a child, I almost feared religion as we were only ever really taught what we can’t do, but using books, games, puzzles is a great way to show that Islam is a part of every day life and you can still have fun while you learn about it.

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  5. imanatss says:

    I so agree with step 2 – we started reading surahs out loud during prayer – the same ones over and over and now my oldest knows a few of the short ones alhamdullilah 🙂 It’s easier than we think and sometimes I underestimate how much they can pick up!

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  6. Fatima says:

    Glad to know about the number of resources that have been launched to cater to the needs of the Muslim parents. I totally agree with what you’ve written here.


  7. usranaeem says:

    Yes you are absolutely right.
    Children do whatever their parents do like they follow every step of their parents so it will be helpful in their learning if we pray with them etc
    Reading Islamic books is another great thing to do because they learn alot from this!
    Such a beautiful post❤
    Thanks for sharing.

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  8. Aisha says:

    Assalamu alaykum. Jazaakumullah khair for the beautiful post! I do the above with my little one and also recite azkar whenever the opportunity presents and alhamdulillah he is picking up. May Allah make us and them from His righteous servants. Ameen.

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  9. Ramsha Rose says:

    Masha’Allah, such a great post. I think it’s soo beautiful when inspiring mothers teach their young about islam. I love how you said about reading islamic books to make it fun because they are young. The character of a mother is one to proud as you’re the role model to your children. May Allah swt bless you and your family with happiness, success and good health, Ameen.
    Ramsha | Rose

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