Interview:Mummy Blogger Nilly Dahlia

Meet mummy blogger and youtuber Nilufa aka Nilly Dahlia. She shares with us a glimpse of her journey through motherhood. Fairly new to the vlogging world, Nilly has over 7000 subscribers with her most popular video receiving over 100,000 views. I absolutely love watching Nillys vlogs and picking up the mummy tips and tricks she shares along the way, I couldn’t wait to ask Nilly a few questions about her work.

1. Can you tell our readers about yourself and your YouTube channel?

I’m a Muslim mummy to two, two and under. My channel follows what I get upto with my family. Showing the reality of Muslim families in the UK . I share parenting tips , advice and thoughts.

2. What would you say is the greatest satisfaction of being a mummy blogger?

That there are people out there who go away learning something new about parenting or knowing that they’re not alone as motherhood can be so lonely.

3. Which mummy bloggers have inspired you along the way?

Emily Norris actually inspired me to vlog. She’s just so lovely! She laughs at her own jokes and seems so approachable! And, I found her when I was pregnant with Ascia. We were also due on the same week, so it was so nice to be e-bump buddies, so to speak!

4. Just how much time does it take to film, edit and vlog?

They take SO long and I don’t think many people realise just how long it actually takes . My weekly vlogs, which are my most easiest type of videos, are obviously clips throughout the day, seven days a week ,editing can take up to 7 hours in total.

5. What top tips do you have for mums who want to start vlogging or blogging?

Routine. Have a routine with your kids before you even think about vlogging or blogging because it all happens when they’re sleeping or at school. Everything has to be done around the kids. That’s why daily or weekly vlogging is appealing as you can create footage when you’re playing with your kids.

Create a schedule. What days you want to create content, what days you want to type, edit and what days you want to post and upload.

Consistency. Remaining consistent with these days is crucial for your blog or channel to grow so your followers keep coming back for more.

6. What vlogs can we expect to see on your channel in 2017?

This year you can expect more weekly vlogs, more parenting videos such as hacks, DITL and routine videos and more articles on the blog!

Thank you Nilly you’ve been amazing!!! 

What are you waiting for lovelies?  subscribe to Nilly Dahlia (and BriDeshiMummy while your at it) LOL

Have your considered vlogging? Whose your favoutite mummy blogger? let me know in the comments below!



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