D.I.Y Mehendi Party Ideas!

Hello ma lovelies!

If you have been following me on Instagram , you will know that  Alhamdulilah my younger sister got married earlier this year.

Three cheers for the happy couple …

Hip Hip Hooray!!! X3

As a result I somehow inherited the title ‘The wedding planner”. With so much time and effort being spent on the actual wedding day ,there was little left to spare on the Mehendi a.k.a Henna night! (Which was not apart of the plan)

So if your in the same boat as I was sit back, relax and let me inspire you with my last minute , at home , DIY Mehendi Party ideas!


Go on be brave and create your own backdrop! I stiched together some really vibrant coloured dupattas that we brought back from Bangladesh to create a curtain. Hang fairy lights behind it to had that wow factor.

Our bride sat on a chaise lounge , we threw a few pillows and a colourful throw in keeping with the backdrop.


Get your guests to interact include a dress code and consider using props to add to the fun! All our ladies were given red bindi’s and were requested to wear colourful asian attire.


My mother was the chef so the main meal was taken care of. My sister in law was at hand to create amazing fruit decorations. There are some great step by step tutorials on YouTube.

And of course some of you may already know as I’m a fan , we had a cup cake display.


Well as this was a last minute event we didn’t have time to book a mehendi artist.

“We had no mehendi artist at the mehendi party”

So we improvised ! My best friend stepped up and googled mehendi designs and well ‘bobs your uncle’ lol .

All are  guests had fun doing each other’s mehendi like ‘the good old days’ (that’s what my mum said). Honestly it was so much fun and it allowed the guests to mingle with each other!

Most importantly my sister loved it 💖

If you haven’t already done so do check out my post on how to throw a themed party for more tips and tricks!

Do let me know how your getting on with your party planing?!

Happy party planning!!!


7 thoughts on “D.I.Y Mehendi Party Ideas!

  1. Farah Abdulah says:

    I’ve always liked Mehendi in culture, but I’ve never really tried it. It’s not really a part of my own culture and the hubby told me it’s not really in religion but more of tradition. For me, it’s mostly the aesthetics.


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