7 Things I Love About #LegoStoreLondon

Hello There Lovelies!

Just over a week ago the worlds biggest Lego store opened in London’s Leicester square!

I visited the store yesterday and absolutely loved it ! It has a very British feel about it, I can easily see it become a London attraction!

Here are 7 things I loved about #LegostoreLondon:

1. The Lego store passport 

Upon arrival I was handed my very own stamped Lego store passport.The idea is to get your passport stamped when you visit other Lego stores. It’s a really nice touch and memorabilia.

2. The London Underground tube carriage 

This was definitely my favourite brick build! A life sized train model made out of 637,902 Lego bricks! I even got to take a selfie with Shakespeare and the queens guard who happened to be passengers on the tube!

3. Mosaic maker
A photo booth which allows you to take your picture and creates your own personalised Lego portrait for you to build!

4. The pick a brick wall

Very much like buying pick n mix sweets except with Legos

5. Play Table 

Great chance for Lego fans to do their thang! It includes ready made hard to build models and even a table especially for babies!

6. Big Ben

Not only is the Big Ben model beautiful to look at and extremely detailed but it actually functions as a real clock! Just like the real thing it has a bell inside which dings!

7. The London Skyline
I HAVE to mention the amazing mosaic of the London skyline , it’s lights up and everything !

If your considering a visit be sure to explore. I think it’s great for all ages especially little ones . Have you visited Lego store Leicester Square ? I would love to know about your experience

Bye for now lovelies!



13 thoughts on “7 Things I Love About #LegoStoreLondon

  1. marinafarook says:

    being an adult, i find no guilt in now wanting to run across this lego store and build tiny objects to my hearts content. i will overtake the play table.

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  2. Farah Abdullah says:

    I haven’t got myself into Legos for the longest time since childhood and I’m the first to be having a kid in the family, so I’m gonna look at this real soon. Like in 3 years or so… My dad bought us Legos, like buckets of them… but we as naughty kids (I have a sister, we’re just one year apart), well we threw them everywhere in the house and some got lost. My dad just switched us to Barbies, which I think didn’t really last with us either… Or worked with our boyish personalities. Sorry for blabbing, this post just made me reminisce.

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  3. Umme Hafsa says:

    I remember visiting the Lego store before but never noticed all this! I think I was so focused on what we we’re buying that I didn’t take in the shop surroundings. Now knowing, it’s really cool 🙂

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