My Baba fell out the cot!

My 10 month old baba fell out the cot last week and it’s left me feeling like a terrible mum. I left him in the cot playing whilst I went into the kitchen ,which is in the room next door to literally pop the kettle on for babas milk.

On my way back I heard a loud bang only to find my son on the floor crying. I panicked!

I grabbed him and checked his head which was grazed and had a bump. There was no bleeding. No matter what I did he wouldn’t stop crying. I called mum who told me to put ice on the bump and keep him awake.

I showed him his favourite cartoon, book, and toys but nothing. I kept thinking  he would have been drinking his milk now, his little tummy must be hungry .

He then fell asleep and at that moment there was a knock  at the door! It was my mum!

She picked him up and he woke up crying. She put baby rub on his bump, gave him water, calpol and he was babbling away to her which appeared as though he was telling her what had happened 😦

I felt awful and my eyes flooded in tears as I explained to mum what had happened.

You see my husband and I both  leave Baba in the cot for no longer than a minute. I just kept thinking what if ..what if ..

Oh and I just know my husband would have been going out his mind if this had happened when I was at work.

Alhamdulilah Baba is okay, bumps and graze have faded away. My mum rearranged our room layout and the cot is no longer at the foot of the bed , its now beside our bed with one side against a wall. And my husband and friend lowered baba’s cot that same day.

And I’m left with a freezer full of ice and mum on speed dial!


12 thoughts on “My Baba fell out the cot!

  1. beryum says:

    Dont stress, im a mum of 3 & all of them have fallen either from the cot, off the bed ( fast crawling or rolling) & even slipping out of the pram. So yeah as long as no vomitting after the fall. Its all good. We cant be with them 24/7, falling & getting hurt is part of their lives.


  2. tontaybla says:

    Yes falls from the bed and just about everywhere else as your baby gets older and tries to explore on their own. It happens the important thing is knowing when its a bad fall and a not so bad fall good thing your mom came by to help with ice and keeping baby up.

    You got this your a good mom that’s why you care so much when your baby gets hurt just don’t let it define you as a parent.


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