Return To Work: Part 1


I still can’t believe my year long mat leave has come to an end!

I returned to work in September and it’s taking some getting use to, overall I would say it’s been somewhat of a smooth transition and here’s how I managed:

Keep in touch days:

During my maternity leave i stayed in contact  with my colleagues mainly to catch up on the latest gossip but occasional updates on new systems and processes! Like I said “occasional “

Before returning to work I went into work for a day just to get a taster or reminder if you like of a typical working day!  Although I was more interested in taking a tour of our new office, seating plans and finding out where my stuff had got to haha!

But honestly going into work that day made my first day back less daunting but rather I was  excited to go back!

Trial Childcare:

Whilst I’m at work my husband will be solely responsible for my baba! (Scary thought! ) I could probably count with my hands the amount of times I have left Baba completely alone with my husband!

My parents and siblings are always a phone call away if need be. I left my husband to attend to Baba a few mornings just so I could observe , I have all faith in him to step up to the challenge!

Sleep routine:

Establishing a sleep routine is essential. My husband works lates 6 days a week and i work during the day 5 days a week! This means my baba has his last bottle around midnight so that he is asleep during the day with my husband! Unfortunately it means I get less sleep but ” life is full of compromise!”


A few weeks before returning to work I was like


I pulled out my workwear from storage which I packed away at the beginning of my mat leave and tried on everything! And had a mini celebration whenever an item of clothing still fit me!

I then made a list of clothing I needed and shopped like mad! Haha! I made sure I brought heels just so that I could feel like me again!

I know things don’t always go according to plan but doesn’t mean you stop trying to make it work!

Returning to work after mat leave  is like starting a new job! I say go in with a positive mindset and accept the support of people around you!

I would love to know how working mama’s out there managed and to those still on leave, make the most of your precious mama and baba time!”


15 thoughts on “Return To Work: Part 1

  1. Haya says:

    Alhamdhulillah. Its good that there is no need for a baby sitter. I’m not a working mom and used to long to go out for a walk. I hope you fare well in home and office. All the best.


  2. Amina Edota says:

    Its great reading about your experience sister and how you made a smooth transition back to work. It can be mentally and emotionally tasking trying to make new shifts and transitions after such big breaks in life.


  3. Muslim Mummy says:

    I didn’t go back after my second but did after my first. Like you I kept in touch with the colleagues and they always used to invited me to the important meetings so I didn’t miss out on much


  4. saraessop says:

    Returning to work after maternity leave can be tough. I wasn’t brave enough to do it so I just quit. But it does have pros too. And you can relax knowing your baby is in good hands.


  5. Suhaila says:

    These are great tips that I would never have thought of! Thankfully I’m staying at home full-time, but if I ever needed to go back to work, these tips will be handy!


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