Muslim By Design- Eid Range + Gift Wrap Tutorial!


With just under a week left to go till EID, it’s time for some last-minute gift wrapping!


To assist me with this exciting task I will be using wrapping paper that I received to review from a new online Islamic greeting card and gifting store called ‘Muslim By Design’. I also received 3 designs from their Eid Ul Adha 1436 card range.

Let’s get wrapping!

What you will need:

Wrapping paper
Ribbon (optional)
Gift Tag (optional)

To create this “paper fan gift wrap” (I just made that up!) I used my gold confetti designed wrapping paper with the words ‘Eid Mubarak’ printed across. One sheet measures 59.4cm x 42cm.


Place your gift on the blank side of your wrapping and overlap both sides and secure with tape.


Push the sides down and fold the end of your paper to create a triangular shape before taping down.


Now to create the fan! Fold down the top and crease the sides. Start folding into a concertina working your way from the top to bottom and secure with tape.


You can choose to leave it as it is, or add a bow using your ribbon. I decided to use the gift tag that came with the wrap and added a little note inside.

Tah Dah!

So after all that folding and creasing there were no rips or tears so that’s a thumbs up from me on paper quality! and the glossy finish adds a little sparkle to the confetti design!

Thoughts on the greeting cards

First impressions I’m totes loving the contemporary design! It’s so chic, so elegant! (You can tell I’m excited right?) I don’t know whether to keep it for myself, maybe use it for a craft project or do the right thing and share the excitement!

Honestly I never really send Eid cards, mostly because growing up Eid cards were never easily available. It was like trying to find halal sausages in the 90’s HaHa! Please refer to my growing up in the 90’s post.

My favourite design is a choice between the black and white stripe card and the Eid, Pray Love Eid card. Although the BritDeshiMummy in me is leaning towards the Eid, Pray Love card, i think that the pink plays a part in that.

Taking a closer look with my crafting cap on, I would have liked a foil finish or maybe even some embossing to add a bit of dimension.

Inside each card there is a little message. I do like when my cards do the talking for me! ; Of course there is enough room for you to write your own personal Eid note as well.

I think with it being Eid I will be sending these cards to my nearest and dearest!

Happy Eid my lovelies!

Do share your Eid gift wrapping skills by tagging me on Instagram .

I would love to see how your paper fan wrapping turned out!

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review but I was sent a sample of Muslim By Design Eid Ul Adha Range and Gift Wrap for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please click here for full disclosure statement.


15 thoughts on “Muslim By Design- Eid Range + Gift Wrap Tutorial!

  1. Sahar says:

    Oooh pretty! I love gift wrap, wrapping gifts and ofcourse unwrapping gifts !
    Masha’Allah these Muslim businesses are coming up with awesome profucts.. I’m very impressed 🙂


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