FOR AISHA- New Halal Baby Food 


Baba is now 9 months old and weaning is in full swing!

If you read my previous post on Halal Weaning you will know that formula milk is our main source of food; along with cereal or porridge for breakfast, mashed fruits for snack time  and homemade baby food for dinner.

However with maternity leave coming to an end, there may be the odd nights where homemade won’t be an option. With that in mind I was delighted to be asked to review a new range of halal baby food called “For Aisha”.

When I saw the product the first thought that came to mind was

 “Finally REAL halal baby food, with halal meat and chicken option”

Taken from Instagram @Rabia.Kali

 We were sent a selection of For Aisha food pouches and after trying them out over the past week here’s what we thought:

  • Handy pouches- When visiting family or friends it was easy to just pop out and heat the contents in a bowl. I wouldn’t feed it straight from the pouch as I want Baba to learn to eat with a spoon and see and smell the food.
  • Variety of food combinations – It was great to be able to offer different flavours and food similar to what I cook at home.
  • 100% certified halal meat , No added salt and No added sugar – Great to know as I can’t share the food I eat with Baba as I add a tad too much salt in my food!
  • Available in local supermarkets – You can purchase For Aisha in Asda, Ocado,Boots online and other food stores priced at £1.45

Most importantly my Baba’s favourite flavour was Chicken with sweet potato and tomato with vegetable.

Have you given For Aisha a go? let me know what you thought! Also please do share your halal baby food recipes I would love to give it a try!

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review but I was sent a selection of For Aisha baby food pouches for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please click here for full disclosure statement.


13 thoughts on “FOR AISHA- New Halal Baby Food 

  1. Unhappy baby says:

    Horrible ! Something in them that gives my baby a terrible allergic reaction just after two spoons!! He vomits, gags cry and gets a big red rash on his cheek and lips go a very dark red. Have tried 3 different pounches and all the same reaction. He’s never been like this with any other food.


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