“It’s a piece of cake”


Have you ever heard the idiom ” it’s a piece of cake”? You usually use it to say something is easy to do for example; Cleaning up after an explosion in my baba’s nappy is a piece of cake, when you know how!

So when I was asked today “who is BritDeshiMummy?  My response was “a piece of a cake” I have a serving suggestion of 8 To 10 pieces, when sliced into equal portions that is.

Image taken from instagram @Brit.Deshi.Mummy

I’m a first time Mummy, a Muslimah, a Wife to an annoying but loveable husband, a Daughter to a proud and very gentle Bengali father and of course to the most understanding mum ever.

I’m an Explorer , Shopper all things Stationery lover. (Ooh check out my flow tho) I’m a Student in life striving to come out with anything above an A 😉  but honestly il settle with a C (just don’t tell my dad)

I promise to deliver all things mummy with a pinch of Bengali, a sprinkle of crafts , coated in laughs, best of all I get to connect with you and maybe share a lesson or two!

Happy Reading Lovelies!

You know the drill Subscribe, Follow and Comment below. There’s a lot of cake to share and this one has your name written all over it! 😋


16 thoughts on ““It’s a piece of cake”

  1. Asbah Alaena says:

    I loved the cake 😉
    Oh and i love stationery! I love the smell of paper snd sight of colors and pens and pencils 🙂

    Hoping to know u a tad bit more!


  2. Fatima says:

    Oh that is such a pretty cake. What flavour is it? I revently had a cake like this, it was victoria sponge but it was dry and I didn’t quite enjoy it.


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