Smile It’s September!

Smile It’s September!!!

BritDeshiMummy would like to wish all you lovely readers a Happy New Month!

As I mentioned in my August blog post I am working on developing and improving my self both mentally and physically, starting with 5 simple steps to improve my health.

There have been countless amount of times where I’ve started to read a great book and never bothered finishing it or began learning to sew but never continued  ; you get the idea! I start something and never finish it!

Well this a great motivational reminder for us all (well mainly for me) when ever you feel like giving up “Remember why you started”

Image taken from instagram (@Rabia.Kali)

It’never too late to make a positive change! ✌

What are you planing to change this month?


3 thoughts on “Smile It’s September!

  1. zoya says:

    I’m on a similar page to you. I really want to finish a few books and start an online course as well.
    Plus I’ve challenged myself to a post a day for the month of September because I’ve gotten rather tardy with my blogging schedule.
    Wish you luck with your September goals 🙂


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