Top 5 Baby Buys -August

Hello Lovelies!

Welcome to the second edition of my Top 5 Baby Buys! At the end of every month I will review my Top 5 baby products in no particular order.

1 . Bonjela teething gel 

My almost 9 month old Baba has 6 baby teeth and will bite anything. Bonjela is really helping to soothe the pain of teething. Applying it is simple, just a small amount of gel onto your fingers and rub on and around the teeth and gums. Oh and a word of warning if your little ones anything like mine be very careful you may get bitten!

2. Boots baby – Bottle and teat brush

I love this brush so much that I brought two! It’s so much better than those wire bottle brushes with the loose bristles and sponges on the end! Iv been using mine for just over a month now and it’s still like new. Wish I found this earlier!

3. Long sleeve baby bib

With weaning in full swing this Gruffalo bib has been like our best friend! No more baby food stains on our clothes!

4. Boots Baby Super Dry Nappy size 3

Whilst awaiting my usual jumbo pack order of Pampers nappies I purchased boots nappies and I was pleasantly surprised. I was worried about nappy rash as it wasn’t Baba’s usual brand of nappy but we had no issues. One thing I did find is although the nappy didn’t leak it didn’t last as long. Would I buy again? Yes!

5. Graco Activity Walker

I was unsure if I should get a walker but I’m really glad I did. After making our living room as baby safe as we could we let Baba run free! Now that Baba has mastered crawling his walker  is assisting him into the next phase!

 I like the fact that this walker comes in 3 height positions and an activity pad that can be removed to be used as a feeding tray!

Remember to drop by for next months baby buys!

In the meantime do let me know if you’ve tried out any of these products? I would love to know how you got on with them!

Happy Shopping!

The views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely and entirely my own. I do not claim to be nor make an effort to be an expert on a certain topic, product or service. Click here to see full disclosure statement


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