5 Simple Steps To A Healthier You!

This month I have been focusing on introducing new habbits to live a healthier lifestyle. Check out my August post to find out what inspired me. Small changes honestly do make a big difference so let’s go!

One Swap sugary drinks for water

I aim to drink 6 – 8 glasses of water a day ; I found that I tend to mistake thirst for hunger quiet a lot ! Here’s what I do: I have a glass first thing in morning, after breakfast, with lunch, with snacks, after exercise, before dinner, after dinner and finally before bedtime.

Two Daily 15 Minute Workouts

You don’t need to join a gym to exercise there are so many free workouts available online! I do Zumba with my baba as my audience ,15 minutes is all it takes. Try something new everyday!

Three Snack On Fruits

Cut your favourite fruits into bite size pieces and nibble a way!. Why not prepare your fruit snacks in advance and store it in handy containers in the fridge!

Four Download a pedometer

I have a steps tracker installed on my phone which shows the amount of calories burnt as well as the number of  step taken. Try setting yourself daily targets gradually increasing the number steps you take.

Five Put ALL your food on a plate

Have you ever had a packet of biscuits whilst watching your favourite programme, only to find you’d eaten half way through the packet? We’ll fear not I have a simple solution to your over indulging habbit!

This has helped me a lot! All those unhealthy snacks that come in convenient packets or take away dinners. Well lay it on a plate and see how much you really need!  I reduced my portion sizes considerably all because I could see my entire meal on a plate.

Do check out my August post and find out what inspired me to make a change! In the mean time, let me know what changes you have made to live a healthier lifestyle!

Keep smiley lovelies!


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