May I Be Excused ? It’s raining!


Ahh the British weather! How I love thee ….

It’s a great topic for a conversation starter, filling in any awkward silences or even an excuse to get away with anything and everything!

Here are my top three rainy day excuses –
1. I can’t meet up today it’s raining- 

Even though I will be traveling in a car and shopping inside a shopping centre.

2. Sorry I’m late its because of the rain – 

Its true though!

More rain means more people deciding to travel in their cars; which equals traffic and delayed buses!

In regards to the train service well that’s another matter, come rain or shine there will always be signal failure!

3. I can’t today I’m feeling under the weather-

In other words today is the perfect day to lay around in my pyjamas doing nothing!

What have you blamed the weather on? 


12 thoughts on “May I Be Excused ? It’s raining!

  1. Farah Abdullah says:

    Ahhh I love rain as well! But as I live in a tropical equatorial country, its mostly warm rains…. A lot of drizzles. There will be a time of monsoon winds, and that will be a little chilly (in the Asian sense) and sometimes even stormy. But generally, this is like every introverts’ weather… I could just be home all day and have some warm comfort foods.

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  2. Fozia S says:

    I didn’t go a uni lecture once as it was REALLY windy….said to my friend I will just get blown away…..

    She told me to put loads of layers on to make me heavy so wouldn’t get blown away!

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  3. usranaeem says:

    I love rainy days because I don’t know but i get a feeling of calmness & peace & everything seems to be perfect & yes I just lay all day in my bed & I want to do nothing but just relax & observe nature 💕💜

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  4. Shukrallah says:

    I love the rain, it never puts me off going out! A few weeks ago, it was raining quite heavy and I was walking to the shops…. met my husband half-way who just finished work and was desperate to go home and I was like, “let’s go out for dinner?!” He was not amused lol.
    I love the rain & don’t forget to make du’aa during the rain ❤

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