Halal Weaning!


My six month old Baba has now started to take an interest in food. I can no longer eat anything near him as he WILL grab it and try to put it in his mouth. Also he can stay in a sitting position now!


Apparently these are all signs that my Baba is ready for his first food.

 We celebrated this important milestone with a Bangladeshi ceremony called Kheer Mukh’. Kheer is a Bengali rice pudding. Kheer Mukh literally means ‘rice pudding in your mouth’

Baba was dressed in his finest; each family member took turns to feed him. He was a bit overwhelmed at first but soon joined in all the excitement as we all cheered and clapped at every mouthful he took.

With his food initiation over i began searching for some halal baby food. I was recommended Cerelac, a rice based infant cereal with milk powder; its an easy just add water option and of course its halal too!


My nephew and niece also ate Cerelac when they were babies. So i decided to give it a go. I also serve homemade baby food such as banana or potato puree.

Also we’ve now moved on from the halal approved cow and gate first infant formula to the second stage follow on milk. At first he was refusing the follow on milk which got me worried plus I had already stocked up but he was feeding just fine after the second feed.

Alhamdulilah Baba seems to be getting on fine and the Ceralac is also a hit with my now ten year old nephew.

What did you do to celebrate your Baba’s first time eating solids?


18 thoughts on “Halal Weaning!

  1. haya says:

    Even I had cerelac as a babby. LOL
    With time, he;ll start rejecting it, Home cooked food is better and breast milk is far better than ready mix ones, Potato is better avoided intially ( as it causes bloating in little ones).
    Cooked puree of apple is first thing I gave to my kids. I added over cooked rice to it latter,

    Purred marrows, pumpkins and carrots are also nice. Give minimum of 3 days gap, before introducing new food, Start with small portions and dont feed by night ( to avoid tummy aches at night).

    I better stop typing 🙂 All the best.


  2. Saroosh says:

    Assalamu Allykum, I can’t exactly pin point the time when my youngest brother first started to eat solids, but I remember him starting with yogurt and bananas first. We used to feed him slightly sweetened, plain yogurt first, but as he grew up, we progressed to yogurt with bits of fruit in it.

    Oh, another thing, he used to love eating half-boiled eggs, but my mother made sure that he was introduced to eggs once he was eight to ten months old, since before that his digestive wasn’t that developed.

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    • BritDeshiMummy says:

      W/S aww mums always know best! It was the same with my little brother yogurt or custard! But one thing we always found strange is my nephew use to love bananas as a baby and he can’t stand it now!


  3. rukukazia says:

    Congratulations on your baby’s milestone! I remember when someone asked me how I lost all my baby weight, I’d replied saying, “That’s easy my kid just eats all my food”. 🙂 Enojy your little one!

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  4. Aisha Id says:

    MashAllah for your baby. It was interesting to know that Bangladeshi’s celebrate this milestone and I am sure this much be very encouraging for children to continue eating more. I am from Pakistan and a Gujurati but we don’t have any such celebration. I loved the part where each family member gave him a spoonful. 🙂

    As for halal food there are a variety of options at home. Boiled and mashed potatoes. Khichdi mixed with chicken soup. For breakfast yo can start with boiled egg yolk but not too hard. Porridge and souji (umm..I can’t remember it’s name in English) are a good option but kids can be very moody with them.

    And most important is you bring variations in the food so he develops more interest in eating Insha Allah.

    Wish you a beautiful motherhood. 🙂

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  5. Weronika Ozpolat says:

    I did baby led weaning with my second child so did not have to worry about getting halal baby food. Simply give your baby what you eat and finger foods. It was so much easier and my son was a lot less fussy with food than his older sister. Have you thought about baby led weaning?

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