A Day In Ramadan

Hello Lovelies!

I would like to share with you my Ramadan diary. This is my Baba’s first Ramadan which means it’s also my first Ramadan as a mummy!

Sehri Time 1 am – 2:45 am

Hubby and I settle little Baba down to bed. Top and tail COMPLETE, sleep suit ON and Milk time DONE!

Once Baba’s asleep we sit down for our Sheri meal. I like to eat something light like cereal and fruit whereas hubby HAS to have rice with a chicken or lamb dish.

We have a catch up about our day occasionally pausing to settle Baba back to sleep.

After Sheri we both take it in turns to pray Fajr (morning prayer) then lights out

Play Time 10 am

Our day begins with Tiny Pop, toys and nursery rhymes!

Prayer Time 1 pm

Again we take it in turns to pray Zuhr (midday prayer) and recite the Quran.

Baba likes to watch me pray ( well more like stare and clap) and joins me on the prayer mat.

Cooking Time 2.30pm

I like to prepare Sehri in advance i.e hubby’s chicken or lamb dish

Family Time 4-9

Hubby drops Baba and I to my parents house before going to work.

This year is the first Ramadan without mum, she’s in Bangladesh spending it with her family.

So my dad who is a chef by profession is in charge of Iftar and my big sister is sous chef.

Of course we all do our bit to help! .

My siblings are either praying, reading Quran, napping or returning home from work.

Once they see Baba they’re all full of energy.

You see the last baby in the house is now ten years old , so this Ramadan is a bit more special its my Baba’s first Ramadan! .

By this time hunger and thirst level is rising.

Iftar Time  9.25 pm

Ramadan is the only time where we all sit and eat dinner together as a family everyday for an entire month and I love it!

A sip if water and a date to begin with whilst feeding or changing Baba in between and all the good stuff follows shortly after.


wpid-img_20150706_063400.jpg             wpid-img_20150704_082224.jpg           wpid-img_20150625_211803.jpg


Tea Time  10 pm

Ramadan or no Ramadan Tea Time happens everyday with all family members present.

Soon after Maghrib (evening prayer) we all sit and with cuppa either tea, green tea,  coffee, energy drink or milk.

The caffeine is a remedy to the headache I’ve been having all day.

Taraweeh Time  11 pm

During Ramadan we pray a special prayer called Taraweeh.

It takes me about 45 minutes to complete so my siblings watch over Baba whilst I pray.

Hubby goes straight to the mosque after work for Taraweeh prayer and takes Baba and I home after.

Hubby and I then settle little Baba down …… WAIT A MINUTE I said this part already πŸ™‚





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